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In our Bookstore you will find Short Helpful Books that you can download to your computer or reading device.  We hope that you enjoy our titles and that they assist you to build a healthy and  fulfilling life together with our Holistic Therapies.


Learn How to be Stress Free, Train your Brain, Stressors, Principles of Stress Management, Setting Standards and Goals, Locating the top Hits on Stress, Solutions Focused ..

How to Stop Anxiety Attacks?,What causes Anxiety?,  What Does and Anxiety Attack feel like?, Anxiety Disorders, Medication, Herbal Supplements, Diet and Anxiety Attacks, Exercise, Behavior Therapy, Negative Talk = Self-Destruction, Coping Skills, Depression Link...

Do you suffer with High Cholesterol?  Lowering your Cholesterol is possible! What is Cholesterol, LDL & HDL?, Diagnosing Cholesterol, Causes, Cholesterol Medication, Natural Treatments, Herbal Remedies, Herbal Remedies, Living Healthy..

Eating your Way to Fitness! It's an Ideal book if you want to know all those things that are never told.  Goal Setting, Management and Achievement Techniques, Fat to Muscle Ratio, Body Type, Nutrition, Jump Start your Metabolism, The Secret…

Arthritis Relief Guide Helpful and straight to the point guide.  Types of arthritis,  options, arthritic diet and nutrition, exercises for all levels, medication, relaxation and coping techniques, surgical options, herbal, natural and home remedies and supplements.

Guide to Manage IBS What is IBS?, Treatments, Stress, Diet's Role, Understanding Medications, Alternative Treatments, Prevention and IBS Check Lists.

Breaking Bulimia Learn How to Look Good and Eat Good for Better Health. Bulimia cycles and symptoms, causes, how it affects you, understanding deficiencies and how to treat them, recovery.

Let's Speed that Metabolism! Easy Exercises to speed your metabolism, foods that will help you fire it up, mindset to make it work and much more...

Live behind the Daily Stress! Learn how Stress Affect you, Guided Imaginary and Relaxation, Tools to obtain Relaxation, Sleeping guides, Yoga..

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