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It seems so long ago that I came across Complementary and  Alternative Medicine.  For years I focused  on Traditional Medicine, disregarding any other types of therapies.  Only when I felt desperate, I decided to give it a go and try other methods of treatments.  I stumbled upon Reiki and EFT, and they proved remarkable in my life and of those of family and friends.  EFT and  Reiki training took me to NLP, Clinical and Medical Hypnosis.  I embraced them all with passion and left behind a career in management and finance to concentrate on this wonderful and rewarding profession, helping people like me to achieve their goals.

My sessions are tailored to the individual client. As I have experience in many different fields I am able to combine any or all of these to bring about the change the client is looking for.

My clients very often surprise themselves at how quickly  their problems are solved.  I take pride in providing my clients not only with the service they come for, but I also teach empowering tools, that help them in the future. I provide a confidential, supportive and caring atmosphere that my clients appreciate and value.  If you wish to see some of the issues I have helped people with visit our Testimonial page.  As I am a bilingual English and Spanish speaker, I offer my services in either language.

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Training and Qualifications

I originally trained as an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner with Karl Dawson, creator of Matrix Reimprinting and went on taking further training with the aim to broaden my knowledge.

I have a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Clinical NLP and Paediatric Hypnotherapy, studying under the wing of Paul White, Chairman of the National Council of Hypnotherapist and Paul Howard Director of the NCH.

I took further training in Medical Hypnotherapy with Dr John Butler.

I speak English and Spanish and can help clients that need therapy in either language at a bilingual level.

Professional Memberships:

GCH – General Council of Hypnotherapists

GHSC – General Hypnotherapy Standard Council

CNHC – Complementary & Natural Health Council

NCH – National Council of Hypnotherapists

Hypnotherapist Register

Reiki Federation

Registered with Hypnotherapy Directory

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