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Hypnosis and InsomniaHypnosis Is Effective In Treating Insomnia

Insomnia, commonly known as sleeplessness is the condition in which a person experiences mild to severe discomfort while sleeping and in extreme cases is unable to get any sleep at all. The causes of insomnia range from medical to psychological to environmental. In the initial stages the problem may manifest itself as short term sleeplessness but if not dealt with at the beginning, it may continue to affect people beyond 3–4 weeks. Insomnia is an indication that something wrong is going on in the body or mind. The primary cause of insomnia is stress. Individuals have to encounter highly stressful environments for the body and mind to be adversely affected. The changing times demand people to remain alert at all times but with insomnia becoming increasingly common, they find carrying out even the basic day to day activities difficult and strenuous.

Some people are in the habit of taking sleeping pills as a solution to the problem, they probably aren’t aware about the side effects of such pills. One may develop addiction to these pills; apart from that, they also cause weakness, headache, heartburn, stomach pain etc. In certain cases even by making healthy changes in their lifestyle there is no improvement and the affected individual worries about what he could have done better.

Hypnosis often Works when all else fails Hypnosis and Insomnia

According to a recent report by the BBC, 10 % of the population suffers from insomnia. Non- drug –treatments such as hypnotherapy are not offered to people by the NHS for being considered too expensive, even though sufferers often need  less than a handful of sessions to recover their sleep.  Lack of sleep may interfere in personal and professional life and can lead to various undesirable consequences. Therefore, it becomes important to address the problem at the very beginning. Hypnosis is effective in treating stress and insomnia. In a recent research it has been proven that hypnosis can help in effectively tackling the problem of insomnia. (Vickers & Zollman, ‘Hypnosis and relaxation therapies,’ BMJ 1999;319: 1346-1349).

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