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Trusted and being used for over thousands of years, medical hypnosis is an acknowledged form of supporting medical treatment. Hypnosis is regarded as one of the oldest forms of medical therapy dating back to ancient Egypt. There are writings to support that date back as far back as 3000 BC describing the use of hypnosis for treating various human illnesses.

Hypnosis is not regarded as a cure but it is a tool used for stress management, various dental and medical anxiety and anesthesia, even in obstetrics, IBS (Hypnotherapy for IBS) and Hypertension (Hypnotherapy for Hypertension). It can help change your subconscious programming and beliefs thus, using the power of your mind towards improving your life. As a result, this treatment can also be effectual for pain management (Hypnotherapy for Pain Control)  and in the successful management of a wide range of medical and psychological problems. You may be interested on are our Depression, Anxiety and Diet Control pages.

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