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WhatTooting, South London is Smoking?   

Smoking is a dangerous habit that affects not only you, but also everyone around you. If you worry about your health, your partner’s or that of your children you can now take action and Stop Smoking at Hypnotherapy Tooting.  Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking is highly effective and this has been published in many studies

Our clients often share with us how they feel about smoking and the majority of them acknowledge that they started smoking just for fun when they were young, however this is not fun anymore.  They worry about their health, bad breath, smelly clothes and lack of confidence when meeting a potential date .  You can take action and make the change you want naturally and feeling more in control.

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Our  Hypnosis to Stop Smoking session runs from 1.5 to 2 hours, after which you should leave as a non-smoker.  Although hypnosis is highly efficient you will still need will power and commitment. During the sessions we replace the habits of a smoker for those of a non-smoker, we also give you a CD for reinforcement and you have free aftercare. This change happens  easily offering you instant results in the majority of cases.  You may have tried previously to stop smoking and experienced cravings, irritability or weight gain.  You may have thought of it as mission impossible!  When using hypnosis we will support you not only consciously, but also at a subconscious leve.  During the hypnosis session we will take care of those nasty side effects and we will reduce or eliminate you desire to reach for a cigarette.  You will engage in this process feeling confident, relaxed and fully in-charge of your life.  Although hypnosis is very effective, you will still need commitment and willpower.

Why to Stop Smoking?

The benefits are great!

* Within the first five days after you stop smoking you will notice an increase in energy levels as the    Carbon monoxide levels in your body reduces and your oxygen levels increases.

* Your breathing will improve and Nicotine is no longer an issue as the body no longer longs for it.

* After a year the risk of heart attack will fall by nearly 50% and as you continue to enjoy your new life, you will continue to reduce the chances to develop a wide range of cancers.

Smoking and Pregnancy – Smoking puts Babies at Risk in the Womb

If you are expecting a baby you may have visited our page because you deeply care for your baby. Smoking during pregnancy puts babies at risk in the womb, as the levels of oxygen in the blood reduces What is Smoking?considerably.  The placenta not only provides nutrients to the fetus in the womb, but also the nicotine and the carbon monoxide that the mum inhales when she smokes or someone around her smokes.  Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage as the fetus is deprived of oxygen and nutrients.  As a result, the development of the fetus is affected and the risks of having premature babies, stillborn babies and babies with birth defects increases.   Smoking and Pregnancy is not good news as the fetus brain also suffers the effects of smoking and can lead to learning disabilities. How to Stop Smoking? Hypnosis to Stop Smoking is easy and safe.


All our programs require will power and commitment.

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