Hypnosis and Stress

Hypnosis and Stress –  Learn Stress Management

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Stress, anxiety, depression in Streatham & WandsworthDuring your life you may have experienced moments of stress, that have lead you to achieve excellent results at a personal or professional level, however the increasing workloads and complexity of our life styles is sometimes taking us to a permanent level of stress during which our fight or fly response is constantly working pumping up our body with high levels of cortisol and adrenaline.

Prolonged periods of stress will make you feel unable to cope and will affect your emotional and physical health and could lead you to ill health, anxiety or depression.

If you have visited this page, it is probably because you are already considering that Stress is starting to rule your life or that of a love one. If you can see yourself reflected in the description below give us a call to discuss how we can help.  We work together with you to enable you to deal with the challenges that you are facing and offering you new strategies designed just for you and your individual circumstances.

Hypnosis and Stress

Hypnosis can empower you by working with your subconscious mind and making the appropriate changes to regain confidence, calmness and the feeling of well-being.

Beat Stress Workshop – 2 hours and MP3 (Individual and Group Sessions)


Stress Symptoms:

–          Low Energy

–          Tension Headaches

–          Muscular Aches

–          Constipation or Diarrhoea

–          Palpitations

–          Colds

–          Unable to Relax

–          Mood swings

–          Bad temper

–          Feeling unable to cope

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