Why can I not Lose Weight?

How can I not Lose Weight? Hypnosis and Weight LossWhy can I not Lose Weight?

For sure you have asked yourself in desperation ” Why can I not Lose Weight?”.  Sometimes there are medical reasons, however most of the time is down to the diets we do.  When you diet you are effectively starving your body, which in return increases your anxiety levels and you desire to eat more.  As our mind struggles to understand what is happening, its main aim is to keep you alive and well and as soon as you stop dieting, it hurries to compensate the weight loss and ensure that it has enough reserves in case there is another period of starvation.  Does it sound familiar?  That’s right, the well known Yo-Yo effect.

It is very unlikely that you manage to keep off the weight loss over a period of time by dieting, as you not only have to fight the yo-yo effect, but also struggle to keep your 100% focus on dieting for 100% of your life.  If we add to this the fact, that our emotions play a big role when we eat and that we have been taught to celebrate with food, been rewarded with food and console with food when things go wrong, the only option left is to engage our subconscious mind to work together with us and re-install new behaviors and beliefs.

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