Women can now chose to have a Caesarean Birth.

Hypnobirthing in  South London, Tooting, WandsworthThe National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellent has recommended that women, who suffer from anxiety about childbirth or have previous experienced trauma during a previous birthing process, should be offered caesarean section by the NHS.

The risk of caesarean section are higher than those in normal births, however the recommendations are that even those women without a medical or a mental health reason could request a C section.

NICE also agrees with the recommendation above as long as previous counselling has taken place. Counselling is certainly a great start, however the combination with Hypnotherapy can prove life saving when you are deeply concerned and frighten about a moment that should be enjoyable.

Hypnotherapy for birth,  also known as Hypnobirthing  helps women, to enjoy pregnancy and childbirth.  Hypnotherapy obtains good results reducing anxiety and giving back control to the mothers to be , who are able to manage the discomfort during childbirth with techniques learnt during the hypnosis sessions.  Hypnobirthing has become so popular that the NHS is now conducting clinical trials with the aim to offering it to women as an alternative to anaesthesia.

The effects of Hypnotherapy to control pain are well documented and studied.  Hypnotherapy during pregnancy and childbirth is effective,  has no secondary effects, reduce labour and the risks related to anaesthesia and C sections.

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