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Pérdida de Peso / Chocolate
Yo me consideraba adicta al chocolate. Después de la primera sesión no solo deje de comer chocolates, sino que empecé a comer saludablemente. Después de las dos primeras sesiones he adelgazado 2 kilos y me siento muy bien. Espero continuar así y que esta experiencia sirva para cambiar mi vida comiendo saludablemente.
Muchas gracias María
Mari Juli


Pérdida de Peso
He encontrado la hipnosis para bajar de peso  muy útil y he aprendido habilidades que estoy usando todos los días con éxito. Maria tiene una manera maravillosa y me sentí muy segura durante todo el proceso.
Gail E
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Dieta Control (Reducción de la Sal) – Pérdida de peso

Hola Maria

Fui a su  clínica de Wandsworth con el fin de controlar mis hábitos alimenticios. Mi experiencia fue muy buena y encontre las herramientas y tareas muy útiles. Me sentí segura y en control. Ahora miro la comida de manera diferente. Sé lo que tengo que comer y he ganado disciplina. Como los alimentos adecuados y no  como pasteles o patatas fritas como antes. Mi consumo de sal se ha reducido a casi nada. También estoy durmiendo mejor y me siento más positiva y llena de energía.

Muchas Gracias

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Gastric Band
Hi Maria,
No more diet Pepsi addiction and I don’t feel the need to eat junk anymore.
I will keep you posted.
Charmaine – Maidstone


Gastric Band
Hi Maria
Hope you are well, I have lost 8 pounds since I started at your sessions. I haven’t had any crisps or chocolate! I am not getting up during the night to eat and I am for the first time having breakfast! The gastric band has helped as I’m not having a big plate of food now. I am looking forward to the future! I am going to lose more weight – not that I am trying to lose some weight!
I have recommended you to 2 of my friends. I hope they get in touch with you soon.
I am using the techniques you showed me all the time, as they really work for me.
Thank you


Gastric Band
I underwent the Hypnotherapy treatment for a gastric band, my sessions were well structured and results were achieved in the 3 sessions attended with weight loss results after the second session, the first session proved to show results as the session focused on my initial needs, and changing my thought process. Maria was very attentive and listened to what was important to me in fitted it into each session I attended.
The tools for success provided by Maria are brilliant and have enabled me to continue to be successful, with the feeling of ongoing support despite no longer having sessions.
Maria is very professional with empathy and understanding and knows how to achieve results.


Relationships / Depression
Hi Maria
I am very pleased that my GP agreed to a referral to your services, since CBT did not seem to be enough for me.
I would like to let you know, that I have been seriously tested by my ex-partner since last saw you. I was a lil disheartened by his cruelty, but not in pieces like before and that’s down to you! And I would like to thank you for all your help. You helped me to see a way past him and I now realised that I don’t need a man to love me for me to be happy. My suicidal thoughts are now gone and you helped me in believing in life again. I am now joining courses and moving on with my life.
Thank you once again.


Public Speaking, Diet Control, Low self-esteem
I have been treated by Maria, for number of issues; fear of speaking in front of groups, low self esteem, caffeine addiction and over eating. Maria is professional, caring and an extremely resourceful therapist, with a myriad of tools in her therapeutic kitbag. I have been greatly helped and owe her a debt of gratitude. If you need to find control and a positive way forward in your life, then I recommend Maria. A wonderful human being!


Weight loss
Hi Maria
l have lost 5 kg within 6 weeks. in 3 weeks time I start swimming.One more time thank you. I will be in touch.


Weight Loss
Hi Maria,
I just wanted to say thank you for your help and encouragement. The weight loss sessions were so successful! I could not believe I stopped eating crisps on the 1st session. I have just bought my 1st pair of jeans size 14.
Thank you, I will keep you updated.


Maria is a wonderful therapist and the sessions I have had with her have been extremely rewarding. She is a very empathic person with great listening skills and I always leave the sessions feeling more positive, energised and more in control of my life. I would highly recommend Maria’s services to anyone looking for change in their life.
Barbara C.


Maria is a very human therapist who is very enthusiastic on her work. She is a great listener and a very researchful therapist who will suggest different alternatives to resolve your problem and inform you of each of them. I will recommend to use Maria’s services as only by meeting her and talking to her you can start feeling more positive about your life.


I have gone to a few sessions with Maria to treat a couple of problems. Maria is a great therapist and she’s been very helpful, she manages to get to the root of the problem by talking to you. I have been able to overcome a couple of my fears by going to her sessions and it has helped me greatly in the way I feel about my life. I would recommend Maria as a therapist to anyone who needs any help in life.
Neil M


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