What is NLP?

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What is NWhat is NLP? NLP IN London, NLP TherapistLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming was developed in 1970s by Richard Bandler and Dr John Grinder.  They were fascinated by how some people could get through in difficult circumstances and even in poor health, while others failed to strive in similar situations.

Together they developed a technique that empowered individuals by helping them to think efficiently and enhance their communication skills.  They called it Neuro Linguistic Programming because it involves the understanding of our neurological system, how the words we speak influence others and how our thinking patterns assist us to achieve our goals.

We all experience the world and process information using our senses in different ways.  Our thoughts are processed by our neurological system, which affects our emotions, behaviors and responses at a physiological level.

It is now widely accepted and recognized how our perceptions, emotions and thought processes affect not only our achievements, but also our health and our chances to live a fulfilling and healthy life.

We offer you NLP in London at our practices in Streatham and Wandsworth.

NLP Therapists can help you achieve your goals, solve misconceptions and assist you to manage stress, grief, bad relationships, bad memories, habits and compulsions, tests, resignation, fun, love and many other situations that hold you back.

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