Hypnotherapy for Pain Control

Hypnotherapy Tooting – Pain Control

Streatham, Wandsworth, South LondonIf you have been suffering with aches and pains, hypnotherapy and EFT  can help you to manage the discomfort. No all pains should be relieved with these methods as pain is an important mechanism to protect you and to let you know that you need to visit your doctor and get yourself checked out, however sometimes your GP may consider that there are no reason to be alarmed or that there is not much that can be done to reduce the pain except for medication.  Also sometimes high levels of stress can also generate pain in our back, legs, stomach or headaches.

Hypnosis and EFT can assist you with pain control; the results have been widely documented. EFT is a technique that will allow you to release emotional and stress related pain getting to the root of the problem and relishing the emotional charge. During the sessions, you will learn how to use this technique.

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